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[RC] WERM Flooring, Shavings, Eccotemp L5 - Kathy Copeland

My trailer had started to pit from urine in spite of the fact that I use shaving.  In order to hose all the urine out I had to break down my rear tack and pull all the mats out.  Major undertaking but I did it about ever six months.  I however was getting to the point I hated to haul any where since I knew the horses would pee and my floor would pit more.  Stress stress and more stress.  Researched my options and decided WERM was the way to go.  Found a guy in Bakersfield, CA that does it and it cost me $1300 for a four stall trailer.  Cheap price for the peace of mind it has brought to me.  Now I haul, I clean out the dirty shaving, push the clean ones to the side, hose it out and do my happy dance and it is all said done in less than 15 minutes.  Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby!  It even had a very nice citrusy smell for the longest time.
Now on the subject of shaving.  Gotta love them, no wet smelly poop and urine combo that made for a stinky slip and slide in the back of my trailer.  They don't blow or a least never have when I rode back there to check it out with all windows open and fans blowing.  Yep it is true I had fans put im my trailer too.  Cool having a very handy young man for a neighbor.  So if ya don't want to use shavings then don't but I for one love them.
Last topic, HOT water.  Well I got the Eccotemp L5 (its tankless and you have hot water in about 30 seconds absolutely amazing) for Christmas and I am loving it.  My horses are loving the hot mushes and boy does beetpulp ever soak up warmer water and in no time.  Mine got rigged, gotta love those neighbors , so that I can use the shower head it came with for the mush or I can use a water hose for bathing the horses.  Gotta say they like warm baths when it is cold much better than cold one. 
So I lied one more thing, next project since I can't afford living quarters for the time being since next year I will have not one but two daughters in college, is to put this TurboKool evaporative cooler on the trailer for the horses.  It gets hot hot hot hear in the valley in Ca.  Well gotta go. 
Team Slow Poke
Kathy Copeland