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Re: [RC] Can of Worms - Barefoot Question - Sandy Adams

I sure don't understand the zealot fervor over this issue. We just do what is best for each horse, and it is usually not the same for each. One mare did 25 barefoot several times, because she las super flinty hard feet. She also hits like a ton of bricks. Two other mares have done a few desert rides barefoot because the rides lent themselves to going 25 miles in the sand. We have two other horses we wouldn't dream of riding barefoot over 25 or more miles. As much as I HATE padding - and generally do not choose to go to those rides - we have in the past done so. It's really not rocket science. Good farrier, stay on top of the horses condition, know something about their feet. Done!
On Mar 20, 2009, at 8:38 AM, Michelle Aquilino wrote:

I have never really considered riding an actual "Endurance" (or LD) ride barefoot.  At the same time, I have always been really impressed by my horse's feet.  I wouldn't push it, and want to shoe her (at least fronts) for most rides (all four, for really rocky rides, like the OD).  But I am considering having her barefoot for the Whitehaven Turkey Creek Trot down in SC, since it says specifically that the ride has good footing for barefoot horses, and I have always been curious / wanted to try a ride with her barefoot, to some extent.  She has never been foot sore, even after riding on lots of gravel barefoot (regular conditioning trail ride, I keep her barefoot in the off season).  I don't know too much about the subject, so I may be completely off base, but is it really that big of a difference (if the horse has good feet) if the ride is almost entirely on sand/dirt?  -  Maybe I should ask Trisha how many miles she'd say were on other, harder surfaces (or she's reading this?  lol).  Anyway, I just figured I'd try to open the can of worms briefly and get people's thoughts (but please TRY to be nice, ha ha).  Thanks =)  -Michelle

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