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[RC] Can of Worms - Barefoot Question - Michelle Aquilino

I have never really considered riding an actual "Endurance" (or LD) ride barefoot.? At the same time, I have always been really impressed by my horse's feet.? I wouldn't push it, and want to shoe her (at least fronts) for most rides (all four, for really rocky rides, like the OD).? But I am considering having her barefoot for the Whitehaven Turkey Creek Trot down in SC, since it says specifically that the ride has good footing for barefoot horses, and I have always been curious / wanted to try a ride with her barefoot, to some extent.? She has never been foot sore, even after riding on lots of gravel barefoot (regular conditioning trail ride, I keep her barefoot in the off season).? I don't know too much about the subject, so I may be completely off base, but is it really that big of a difference (if the horse has good feet) if the ride is almost entirely on sand/dirt?? -? Maybe I should ask Trisha how many miles she'd say were on other, harder surfaces (or she's reading this?? lol).? Anyway, I just figured I'd try to open the can of worms briefly and get people's thoughts (but please TRY to be nice, ha ha).? Thanks =)? -Michelle

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