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Re: [RC] Shavings - Purpose of . . . - Carrie - Kathy Mayeda

I never haul with shavings.  One of my instructors decided that
shavings were the cause of her horse to slip in her trailer and quit
using shavings and didn't have problems after that.  Texurized rubber
mats don't get that slippery.  I never find urine pooled in the
trailer - it seeps - it disperses and seeps/drys out.  And the poop is
hardly ever underneath their legs - it's just piled up against the
trailer wall.  I absolutely detest having to deal with urine soaked
shavings.  It's a lot easier to just shovel the poop out, and rinse
the mats off without the shavings.

The only time I might use shavings is so I can wet them to help cool
the open stock trailer while going through some hot desert areas.  Not
planning to do that in the near future.


On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 4:33 PM, Beth Leggieri <trailyaya@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Shavings are used for horse safety (certainly not for owner convenience
because they are a lot of trouble!) -- when they pee, it is absorbed by the
shavings and avoids a slippery floor.? When they poop , same thing.? Some
horses get really nervous while hauling (those that are borderline
scramblers), and if they pee and poop a lot when hauled (because they are
nervous), the shavings sure help promote a "safe" situation for them with
their footing.

I also wonder about shavings providing an "excrement-friendly environment"
for those fastidious horses who?don't like to soil themselves???And thereby
encouraging them to feel safe to adhere to their normal schedule?? (Does
this sound ridiculous?? It just makes sense to me.)

When loading, one of?our horses?barely makes it into his trailer stall
before he pees.? Every time.? He's crazy about peeing in the trailer on his
shavings--and honestly, if he were not to do this?it would?be a "red flag"
indicator that?something is brewing with his health.??So in his
case,?peeing-on-shavings is one way we know he's feeling great!


Hideaway Farm, Jim & Beth Leggieri, Denton, TX
Athletes of Antiquity: Soaring Wings and Distance Arabians

From: marybenstover <merryben@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF Kitley
Cc: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 5:26:24 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] Shavings - Purpose of . . . - Carrie

I use shavings because:

When I get where I am going the trailer is not a total mess and smelly.

I can pick up the horse poop and rake the shavings all in a pile towards the
front so the floor can air out.

Then I spread the shavings back out (something like cleaning a stall) and
the dog stays back there.

Also I think?shavings absorb a lot of the heat from the road.? I have drop
down windows so use a fly mask to protect their eyes, although I really
don't think there is a lot of dust from the shavings.? Otherwise, there
would be some on the horses I would think.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF Kitley"
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, March 19, 2009 2:59:34 PM GMT -08:00 US/Canada Pacific
Subject: RE: [RC] Shavings - Purpose of . . . ?- Carrie

To be totally honest, I'm not sure what the purpose of putting shavings
in the trailer is?? ?I guess I can understand if you're hauling horses
on a really long trip, it would serve to absorb urine? ?In our trailer,
the urine just drains out the back and onto the ground . . . . ?and our
horses don't seem to care whether they stand on a rubber mat, poop, pee
or dirt. ?But then again, I don't usually haul anywhere more than 4 to 5
hours away.
Or is it to make trailer life more cushy for the horse? ?I guess I just
don't see the point in it as it just seems to mean more work, expense,
more mess to clean up later, etc.
I would love to hear about the advantages of using shavings in a
trailer. ?I'm not being facetious, I'm actually curious.

Carrie Kitley
30th Medical Group, Vandenberg AFB
DMLSS Database Sustainment Specialist (DSS)
CACI International Inc, www.caci.com
DSN: ?276-1077
Fax: 805-606-1179

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Re: [RC] Shavings - Purpose of . . . - Carrie, marybenstover
Re: [RC] Shavings - Purpose of . . . - Carrie, Beth Leggieri