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[RC] Myler Bit Mouthpieces - Tx Trigger

Kat posted: >>>I also do not use jointed curb bits, as I think that they are
a bastard bit
that has no place in my tack room.<<<

I have the comfort mouthpiece on my Myler Kimberwicke. They do not have
joints that will bend all the way like a normal joined mouthpiece, but
instead, sort of "curve" some in the mouth, but mostly, gave the ability to
work one side of the mouth, much like the frenchlink type mouthpieces do,
with out engaging both sides of the mouth, like a standard single jointed
bit. The one I use, you can not bend the mouthpiece in half, which is how
most of their mouthpieces are. Some indeed, have a full joint in them, which
as many know, when you add to a leverage bit, you can create a lot of
pressure as the bit actually sort of wraps around the jaw.

I have a horse who came to us with some issues, including running through
some bits. I picked up the Myler Combo bit on sale, to give it a try. It has
a noseband / curb strap, along with a higher purchase (the part of the bit
above the mouthpiece) so it spreads pressure out between mouth,poll,nose,and
chin. It also is a shanked bit, but again, does not have a full joint
action, just a curve action in the mouth.  It seems to be what this horse
needed for now, as we reschool him. Not a harsh bit, unless in the wrong
hands. But then a regular single jointed ring snaffle can be one of the
harshest bits out there in the wrong hands.

I think they have some very nice bits. But, I don't study exactly what each
is to do for the different issues a horse might have. I am fascinated by
some, but found a couple that work, and have stuck with them.


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