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Re: [RC] FEI and AERC rides - Elizabeth Walker

Hmmm:  Freudian slip here?  :)  

Duel - 
1. A prearranged, formal combat between two persons, usually fought to settle a point of honor.
2. A struggle for domination between two contending persons, groups, or ideas.

1. Composed of two usually like or complementary parts; double: dual controls for pilot and copilot; a car with dual exhaust pipes.
2. Having a double character or purpose: a belief in the dual nature of reality.
3. Grammar Of, relating to, or being a number category that indicates two persons or things, as in Greek, Sanskrit, and Old English.

On Mar 10, 2009, at 5:10 PM, oddfarm wrote:

I don't attend duel sanctioned rides anymore.

[RC] FEI and AERC rides, oddfarm