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Re: [RC] Pepper spray ,does it work? - ladurgin

  Well, I just sent for some yesterday, - but there are different kinds.Some are mists and some  are jetts, some last 5 one second bursts and some are 10 1 second bursts.
   But it is a add on for me.
    I also bought a million volt stun gun that recharges by plugging in and  is the size fo a cigarette package(Was about  30+$ on ebay. Has a handy holder too. I often work, hike and ride alone so it is  part of my safety package. The biggest risk seems to be loose dogs, there are coyotes, and  some  bears around too. I put a clasp on  it and it  can hang from a beltloop. I usually have it hooked together with my cell phone,keep them together on my purse when out, and unclasp and hook on my belt when I go outside. I always keep it on my body.I usually have a lock open pocket knife too when outdoors.
    The stun gun is a last resort, if attacked by a predator, figure it may even  make a bear think twice (well, a small one ;0)
   Looks about like a cell phone in a case, and I don't advertise it, but can easily slide it into a pocket, when I want  to be cautious.
    Have had a dog or two come at my horse and  no predator  is going to injure me or my horse without me  attempting to defend us.
   As to ammonia, it is not going to  stop any dog who is in attack mode,  it may deter the neighbors puppy, but I have small terriers and  occasionally there is an altercation (2  have food issues) and you can pick one up and  he lifts the other with him...water, yelling, etc. doesn't  get through. You have to get a barrier  between them.These guys only weigh  about 20 lb. Same behaviour in a 75-100 lb. dog, no way. 
     "Ceasar" the  dog trainer guy, had an episode about  attack behaviour, he said , their eyes glaze over and  they can't respond , once the  'blood lust" takes over. You can only  pre-empt it--once it starts -they won't stop of their own accord, till they feel they  have won, or "killed it".

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