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[RC] Chair Seat :Leonard Liesen - Nik Isahak Abdullah

Leonard ,

I get your idea. You want you horse to glide effortlessly in ,semi automatic gear , with neck out strecthed and relax ,and if possible on sleeping mode .
2 to 3 hours of continuos canter .Amazing ! You guys are pushing into peripherry of physical possibilities !

Just imagine ,it was only in 1998 Dubai WEC that Major Dunn commented rather prophetically that it would be won by someone who can push his/her horse beyond 17 kph average .Valery Kanavy did it .Now with the 'now  not so new training method' expounded 1st by you Europeans and put to good use by UAE ,Kanavy's winning ride in 1998 would just put her amongst the last within the top 30 .Where is this going to end ?

In the last WEC in Kuala Lumpur ,I thought the humidity and heat would limit the winners to around 16 kph but Maria Alverez Pontoon  and her UAE friendswent beyond 18 !I do not know whether Kentucky is 'technical' enough to be won or lost around less than 20 .

This fact is discordant and a wee bit unrelated : I met a 45 year old friend this morning while going to work .He does the Iron man event - 42 km of running ,3 km of swimming and 200 km of biking .Preparation starts 8 months ahead and 6 weeks prior to an important event ,he does the 'whole Ironman schedule' at a slower speed ,weekly times 4 . Reduce work last 2 weeks . Even Tom Ivers would have been surprised at how the amateurs human athletes pushed themselves .

I thought that was too much ! He reckoned that is LSD and at his age he just aim to finnish .Those going for the podium do intervals 4 weeks prior to the actual event .The quantum of the intervals would be Leonard's secret !

Share that with me Leonard .


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