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RE: [RC] pawing - Rae

I’ve got a gelding that will pace a 3 foot trench in a 4 hour span.   I put mats in his stall so when he has to stay in, he can pace all he wants, but the stall still stays level.


Tall C Arabians - Central Region
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Sent: Saturday, March 01, 2008 2:33 PM
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Subject: [RC] pawing


Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop a horse from pawing in his stall and digging craters?  One of the horses I care for has taken a fancy to Chinese folk song I think.  You should see the holes he can dig overnight in his attempt to reach China.  My personal solution would be to put him on 24/7 turnout, however, his owners have this odd fear that our resident coyotes are going to eat their horses, and nothing I say has made a difference.  I can’t mat the stalls either.  I don’t have the money to redo all the stalls right now to allow for mats.  If I put them down, we’d have a muddy, yucky mess underneath them within a month. I tried it once….  He gets free choice hay during the day, and enough at night that there is a bit leftover in the morning. 


As you can guess, I’m now very sick and tired of refilling the stall every night.  Not to mention, relocating the bedding that used to be in there.  It’s a good thing they keep shoes on that horse, he’d have worn his toes completely down by now.  Of course, perhaps it would make him sore, and he’d quit.  Hmmm….


Anyway, thanks in advance


Juli and the Herd

Alpine (who doesn’t paw in his stall because he’s only in the stall to eat, and that makes the stall a GREAT place to be!)

Merlin (who also doesn’t paw in his stall for the same reason, although he will try to paw the water trough, which creates a delightful mess to roll around in when you tip it over, but causes mom to yell loudly and say bad words when she sees what I’ve done)

[RC] pawing, Juli Bechard