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[RC] [RC] Excess protein - Patti

>Does anyone have bookmarked a link to various forage vitamin/mineral/energy contents?
>I'm currently feeding hay that is 3/4 timothy and 1/4 alfalfa and want to see how it compares to what horses need

Without actually testing the hay, the closest you'll find is
using "MML" (mixed, mostly legume) or "MMG" (mixed, mostly grass) averages. 
Or you can use the averages for legume (alfalfa) and grass and figure them proportionally.

For the nutrients shown in "%", use  < % / 100 x 453.6 > to see how many grams are in a pound of hay
- example - calcium 0.698%       0.698 / 100 = 0.0069 x 453.6 = 3.129g per lb, or 62.5g calcium in 20 lbs of hay
note - I include the  "divide by 100" step as many people get flummoxed by decimals. 

For the nutrients shown as "ppm" use  < ppm / 2.2 > to see how many mg are in a pound of hay.
- example - copper 9.719ppm      9.719 / 2.2 = 4.417mg per lb, or 88mg of copper in 20 lbs of hay

Horse DE, in Mcal/lb is shown at the bottom of the tables; just need to multiply by lbs of hay fed.

This gets old for the 15-20 or so primary nutrients checked - I have a spreadsheet you can use (requires Excel or Mac numbers) - pm me.
Even if you're not interested in "balancing by the numbers" - it's interesting to see what the recommended requirements are and how what you are feeding compares.

Patti K
Vail AZ