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[RC] Aeron Riding Halter - Steph Teeter

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Aeron Riding Halter

"I do a lot of riding in a halter. I mean a lot. 99% of the time when I ride, I am riding in a halter. I trail ride in a halter. I foxhunt in a halter. I event and show in a halter (when it’s allowed). I had long ago realized that my horses went better without a bit in their mouths. They were happier, and even calmer, when I rode them without a bit (for more on bitless riding, check out my links, and I encourage you to read Dr. Cook and Dr. Strasser’s book “Metal in the Mouth”). I tried many different types of bitless bridles…. but none of them seemed to meet my needs. So I ended up just riding all the time in my rope halter.One day, riding down the trail, I noticed a few things that bothered me about the halter. Firstly, when my horse was walking out at a nice forward pace, the halter, with the reins tied to the fiador knot under the chin, would begin to swing back and forth to the point where it was nearly smacking my horse in the head. Not only was my horse annoyed, I spent the whole time trying to pick up the reins to counter-act the swinging. Also, I noticed that when my horse would graze or drink, he had an uncanny ability to step on the end of the lead/reins (tied in an emergency release knot, of course) and untie them. I also noticed that when we were doing work at speed or jumping, I did not have the precision control I was looking for… Other types of rope halters and side-pulls had problems.

So, I went to work designing something that would work better, and came up with what I now call the Aeron Riding Halter. It is based on the traditional rope halter, but with several key improvements..."

read more at:

for now this will take you to http:// naturalhorsemanship.wordpress.com/ which is Aeron's blog, and you can select the links in the side bar to learn about Aeron and the Riding Halter she designed.

Check it Out!

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