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[RC] [Endurance Tracks] APEX 101 and 103 Clinics - Merri

A Partnership for Endurance Xcellence

May 16-18, 2008

Location to be determined, but western North Carolina likely

Attend if you want:

* To ‘learn from the best’
* To establish an individualized, goal-oriented program for conditioning and ongoing monitoring of your endurance program
* To have an individualized assessment of suitability, condition, shoeing, riding
* To learn how to adapt to imperfections!

Advance Your Endurance Performance by Joining Clinicians:

* John Crandell III, winner of 2006 “Triple Crown” (Tevis, Old Dominion [OD], AERC Championship), 5 time winner OD, 2007 AERC champion winner, 2007 Haggin Cup winner (Tevis Best Condition)
* Stagg Newman, winner of 20 100-Milers, 2006 Canadian Championship, 2 Team Golds
* Dr Ann Stuart, Vet for the US Endurance Team to the 2006 World Equestrian Games (WEG), Chef D’Équipe - USA East (gold)
* Jeff Pauley, farrier for the US endurance team to the 2006 WEG
* Lisa Maxwell, the “Zen Master” with horses and equitation instructor of champions
* Others to be announced

Who does what:
John Crandell – will help you develop achievable goals, assess your current and future training program
Stagg Newman – will provide ‘on mountain trail’ assessment, analyzing working and recovery pulse rates to examine your horse’s fitness level, and options for improvement
Dr Ann Stuart, DVM – will evaluate horse suitability and way of going (form, function, soundness), issues (if any) and makes suggestions to optimize performance
Jeff Pauley – will evaluate horse’s shoeing, suitability and way of going with respect to legs and feet, issues (if any) and makes suggestions for shoeing, particularly focused on upcoming competitions
Lisa Maxwell – will look at how you and your horse move together, making suggestions for balance, ‘things to work on’ to make endurance easier on both you and your horse.
Others -- to be announced.

Options for participation:
Horse and Rider: Full, individualized evaluation by all clinicians. Participate in lectures, in individualized or paired rotations with the clinicians, and in trail groups to practice and assess. Limited to 12 participants.
Auditors: Participate in lectures; associate with a horse-rider participant through the individualized sessions, listen, ask questions, learn. Limited to 12 participants.

APEX 101 Individual Sessions – with horse,
Dr Ann Stuart for veterinary (30 minutes per horse) and Mr Jeff Pauley for farrier (30 minutes per horse)
Ms Lisa Maxwell for equitation (60 minutes for 2 horses) and Mr John Crandell III for training program (30 minutes per horse)
Mr Stagg Newman for on-trail practice clinic (2 hours for trail with group of 4 horses)

APEX 103 Individual Sessions -- with horse,
depends on clinicians, to be determined.

Optional, at private treaty charges:
Bloodwork; digital X-Rays (instant feedback! + on CD to take with you) suggested by Dr Stuart
Re-shoeing suggested by Mr Pauley

Bring your own food. Coffee, tea, and potable water are available.

For fees, see www.apex-US.org

Posted By Merri to Endurance Tracks at 2/27/2008 10:45:00 AM