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[RC] VVDoItAgain Results . - John Teeter

I've been getting alot of questions about what the VVDoItAgain ride was. (Well Raja Adib asked, so I got 1 question...)

The VVRides (of which the VVDoItAgain was one) started at the beginning of this year as a way to spend 10 days riding over the Christmas<->NewYears vacation - the 1st Annual VVClassic. I set up a group on:


and a spread-sheet on google Docs and ran a 10 day "ride".

The interesting thing about the ride, is that you didn't have to drive to get to it. Didn't have to pay entry fees, didn't have to worry about being overtime. Without all those worries, entrants could focus on their horses, how to do a CRI (b/c they had do do one themselves after every loop); how do do their own vet exam (b/c they had to do a vet check and fill out their "vet-cards" after each loop).

In general, it was a way to do a ride w/o having to leave your home trails. Each loop you rode had to have a track log available for it. This could be either a www.motionbased.com training log, or it could be a hand-drawn path in google earth (or google maps). Either way, each loop was a track log, CRI, and vet-check. You could ride as many different horses as you liked and, at the end, the high millage riders were declared the Winners.

That first ride had Lucy Trumbull winning 1st (b/c she went to death valley); Kevin Myers got second (b/c he went to Las Cruces); and Marryanne Gabbani got 3rd because she went out and rode every day almost!) I've copied the notes from the ride banquet below...

and the VVRides were born ... next ... the VVDoItAgain..


======= 2008 VVClassic Results ===================

A hearty thank you to Marirose Six for being the last to cross the line at the 2008 VVClassic. To the finalist goes the turtle:



It was a long (10 day) run with competitors working various ride strategies. The first major hurdle was the technical one of actually finding the vet cards;)

54 Riders indicated they wanted to enter the event, which started on 26Dec. Of those, 25 actually completed their entry (by joining the group:


Of those, we have an intrepid group of 22 actually picked up their vet cards. Of those 22, we have 17 who have ridden to the end!

And a varied end it is.

The max. milage was recorded by Lucy Trumbull riding AM Ruwala Land (Roo). They did a short training ride and then went to the 2009 Death Valley Encounter, riding 3 50s and a 25.

Kevin Myers riding both Red and Farr covered 102.3 miles, doing a training ride and 2 50s at Las Cruses.

Maryanne Gabbani riding Bundug, Fagr, and Dooby covered 74.44 miles riding around the desert and captured third!! :)

To the winner goes one entry at the upcoming Owyhee Fandango ride (any distance/division)!


Second place is 1 entry to the 3 50 miles days of the Owyhee Fandango and third place receives 3 LD Days at the Fandango (IF there are LDs on three days - that I don't know yet:)

(of course I didn't ask steph yet!!:)

Congrats to all who thought about the VVClassic!

The (Totally UnOfficial) Results are:

    Miles      Total Time   MPH      Rider
 1 147.00   31:12:00      4.71      Lucy Trumbull
 2 102.30   20:24:29      5.01      Kevin Myers
 3   77.4     20:06:00      3.85      Maryanne Gabbani
 4   64.2       8:25:00      7.63      John Teeter
 5   58.00     7:25:00      7.82      Steph Teeter
 6   55.43   11:55:00      4.65      Rusty Toth
 7   55.27   16:05:00      3.44      Tom Noll
 8   54.62   15:01:00      3.64      Marirose Six
 9   44.32   15:23:00      2.88      Angie McGhee
10  22.80     3:45:00      6.08      Christine Lehnert
11  22.80     3:45:00      6.08      Margaret Fisher
12  19.78     3:22:00      5.88      Opal Perry
13  16.10     4:54:00      3.29      Don Huston
14  11.00     4:26:00      2.48      Cindy Collins
15    6.70     2:43:00      2.47      Beth Bivens
16    6.25     1:45:00      3.57      Carolyn L Ashcraft
17    3.50     1:03:00      3.33      Adam Falk
18                                               Dory      Jackson
19                                               Jim      Everett
20                                               Kristen      Fisher
21                                               Robin      Everett
22                                               Paddi      Sprecher


1 - Some people (namely Lucy, Rusty, and Kevin:) have their hold times in their "Total TImes", thus throwing off their ave speed calculations. They'll need to correct it if they like (care?:)

2 - we have a wide disparity in the completeness of the vet cards as well as a difficulty in remembering to use the 24hr. clock.

3 - refinements in the vetCards and logs are to be expected:)

Video: http://www.malaysia-wec.com/sc_video.html


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