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[RC] Making your own horsefeed - Spottedracer

I've been making my own for years - ever since my Fino was diagnosed with nutritional DOD at 8 months of age. (Go figure - I was using Co-op SUPREME feed.. The best!) .... So I was given a 'prescription diet' by a TB Race vet - who had a 90% 'grow into soundness' rate on TBs with the same condition... And my Filly also 'grew into 100% normal bones/joints' on this diet..

I mix it up in 'one week' batches. Digestibility and energy value is much higher than any commercial feed - according to the Ag Dep At TSU, who did an analysis on it.  And there's little/no molasses!  Use it on everything from 30 year old AQHA - to 6 endurance mounts in heavy training... Average amount consumed per horse = 1.5lbs twice a day..With Free choice 'moderate quality' grass hay (can't find the best in this shortage...)

Formula:  2 - 50lb bags cracked corn, 1 -50lb bag crimped/steamed oats, 25 lb  Sugar beet pulp, 8 lbs co-op horse minerals, 6 lbs Biotin-100, 32 oz soybean oil, 10 oz fortified wheat germ oil.

Only mix 1 week's worth at a time - since there's no preservatives/additives - the high fat content could cause spoilage in warmer weather... Don't have a problem if you use it within a week..

- Laura P