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[RC] Egypt part 3 - CTH


We became friends with the grooms and were invited over for dinner.

The food was unbelievable. The women take great pride in their cooking. They really

go all out.

We sat on cushions around a small round table. The woman laid the table with lamb, chicken, salad, soup and fresh baked bread. Vegies in sauce. I was in heaven.

I can not believe they can balance these BIG aluminum trays on their heads covered in dishes. I could not balance it empty.

The homes are simple but spotless. We ate from communal plates. (no double dipping)

You use the bread or your fingers. Spoons were the only cutlery for the soup.

I love the food.

Finished off with tea , fruits and pastries.

The last day we were there I bought toys for the kids at a toy store in Maadi.

I noticed there is not many toys in the village. They do not go into Cairo often..

The average income is $60 to $140 per month so it does not leave much for extras.

We loaded up the donkey cart and Farag the groom drove us to the village.

Quite a stir was caused. 2 western woman in a donkey cart makes everyone smile and laugh. They stopped working in the fields to laugh and wave. They yelled greetings. Linda was Lady Di. She gracefully waved and greeted everyone with a hello.

The kids loved the toys. I bought bags of marbles so everyone could have a few.

I bought a baby doll, beads , play dough.

The kids were so excited. They showed me how they could count to ten and say hello welcome to Egypt. I taught them colors in English. These kids want to learn. They are smart.

When it was time to go I felt like the pied piper. I had so many children walking me to the donkey cart.



We were invited to lunch and for a tour of the Bin Laden stables. The horses were breath taking. What a beautiful place. They even had a set of twins which is very unusual in horses. They rarely live.

Lunch was great! The houses are really nice. Marble flooring is cheaper then lino or carpet.

I found a house I want to buy. It looks like something out of Disney land. I would turn it into a guest house and offer belly dancing lessons on the front lawn . Yoga in the back garden. I would love it. Just cannot convince hubby to move. Darn his love of snow.

It is right next door to my friends place. I would hire gardens since my thumbs are all brown.


That brings me to shopping again. Anyone want me to bring them home a belly dance costume..lol 


I did so much, saw so much I can not even think of it all.

Driving. You would never want to drive there. It goes by the bumper rule. Whoever gets the bumper in front gets to go. The 3 lane freeway has 7 lanes and in the mix is horse and donkey carts. Pedestrians dodge traffic. Traffic is a zoo.

Maryanne has a driver who will drive you where ever you want to go. It is included in the tour package.




I actually saw a pickup truck with 3 water buffalos and 2 donkeys in the back in downtown Cairo.

Housing is interesting. The parents build a house then they build a second floor for the oldest son. When he gets married they finish it. The next son goes up a level. Got 4 sons 4 levels. They build houses but they are not finished until they are ready to be moved into.


Stop by my booth at the AERC convention. I am bringing horse tack, scarves and pictures.

A little bit of Egypt for you all to enjoy.

Maryanne has a groom who is her right hand man with the horses. He is coming to Canada this summer to stay with Dave and I. Part of the money from the tack and scarves will go to help him pay for a ticket. It is more for his ticket then he makes in a year.

I have arranged for him to learn trimming and shoeing from farrier friend Susan.

Wayne Delbeke has offered to work with him and Teena teaches English as a second language. Got it all covered just need to get him a ticket.

There are few pictures on my home page as a link to flickr




I am not the storyteller Steph or Merry are but I hoped you enjoyed it.

Paddi Sprecher