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[RC] Egypt part 2 - CTH

have some at the AERC convention $25 each and they sell in Paris for double that in the stores


The Cairo Museum is quite fascinating. It is an old museum and lots of the items are not labeled. I saw the King Tut display. WOW!!! The mummie room is really interesting in a creepy sort of way. The entire place is amazing. Hard to believe they did all this without any modern stuff. I put it down to no TV or computers…lol


We rode the horses to Giza. The sphinx is not nearly as big as I thought it was. I rode a camel named Mickey Mouse. That is right like Disney the young boy told me.

Mickey and I got along petty good. I will take horses any day. Camels are rough to ride.

They shave the most amazing designs into their coat.


  • The only badly abused and starved animals I saw in Egypt were the pyramid horses and some of the camels. Not all. The horses are all babies under 2 years old. They live in horse hell. They are dead. No life in their eyes. Hey have little training, sores on their bodies from poor fitting tack.
  • The horses are then chased and whipped to make them run
  • If you go to Giza , Mexico or any where else they have trail rides and you get on these poor abused animals you are as guilty of abuse as the person who owns them
  • Nuff said!



When we ride up from the back side of Giza there was the body of a dead horse in the desert. The feral dogs will eat the body.

There are worse things then being dead. Being a pyramid horse is just that. I will be posting pictures on my blog (which I need to get done)


Shopping at the market was heaven. You could spend days there and not see it all. All the vendors were friendly. You can barter The market is still located where the caravans came with trade goods across the desert. The stone work is amazing.


Old Cairo was really fascinating. Not a normal tourist stop. The nice thing about going to stay at Maryanne's is that you are not cattle penned through shots by tourist companies.

I was in the back alley bartering for tack when a rat ran right by me and down the alley.

It was the only rat  saw. There are a million cats in Cairo. They may even out number the people. There is about 22 million people in Cairo.


I must say I felt safer in Cairo then in Paris. The people in Egypt are the friendliest I have met in traveling.