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Re: [RC] Alternative to Platinum Performance - Diane Trefethen

I know Barbara McCrary took grief for this several months back but I am going to repeat it since she was right.

If you want your horse to go 50 or 100 miles, you do NOT need any fancy shmancy supplements. You need a solid conditioning program and CALORIES. A growing horse with no access to good forage, maybe. A horse with a low blood test, yes. A horse whose vet has said he needs extra thus and such, yes. But if you have a mature, healthy, non-deficient horse, top quality forage plus enough CALORIES to keep him in good weight is all you need. Supplements are just that - only for when your horse is deficient in something.

Think about it. Where are the bags of Wonder Feed in the wild? And while those horses, who subsist on natural forage only, may be smaller due to less protein in their diet as youngsters, they are TOUGH suckers! No they can't go the distance we ask of our competition horses but that is because they do not have access to feed that is rich in CALORIES, not because they don't get a supplemented feed.

So experiment with the right amounts of oats, corn oil and if you horse tolerates it and likes it, rolled corn. There are CALORIES in them thar feeds and they are a helluva lot cheaper than paying for bags where someone else has put together what (s)he thinks is right for YOUR horse.

Lori Bertolucci wrote:
... I was wondering if anyone has an alternative suppliment to Platinum Performance?
I have been suspecting that it was causing brain failure :) in my gelding, and am now certain of it. He looks and performs great on it, but acts like an idiot...
I had to have elbow surgery last year,and can't deal with him pulling on me like he does.
I suppose I could go with a stronger bit, but really don't want to do that.


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[RC] Alternative to Platinum Performance, Lori Bertolucci