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[RC] bringing multiple horses to rides - Tx Trigger

Sallie Sullivan posted: >>>This discussion has brought a question to mind.
How do you all (or Y'all if from the south) manage multiple horses at rides?
Do you also bring multiple persons to watch/care for/babysit the horse left
at camp that day? <<<

You will find a few options. I'd say most that do a lot of multi days rides,
and bring more than one horse, have done it enough, and also maybe schooled
their horse in dealing with its friend leaving, that they don't worry much
about it.

Others ask around to see who might be in camp that day, and would they check
on their horse for them.

Others do bring someone, but often that person gets bored with staying in
camp during the whole ride, watching some horse all day. <grin>

Some bring 3 horses. One to ride, and two back up horses, who keep each
other company during the day, and don't care if one of the herd left for a

Personally, I work on the buddy issue at home. Tie one, and go work the
other, and let them get used to the fact they can be left behind.

Oh, it also helps that as you leave for the days ride, stuff a bucket of
yummy feed in front of the horse staying in camp. My guys get more
interested in the food, than their friend leaving. By the time they finish,
they are not as worried about where their friend is. The multi day ride
camps have many horses in them during a days ride, so it is not like the
horse is 100% alone.



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