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Re: [RC] Grays and that damn 'skin cancer' - Kristi Schaaf

If you've ever seen those pictures (or a real horse) with the 
clumps-of-grapes-looking batch of melanomas sprouted near the rectum you get 
tempted to cut every one off as soon as you see it! But in reality, I have only 
removed any that are causing rubbing/irritation, or in the case of the one near 
his eye it was growing pretty quickly and endangering that sensitive area. Any 
others that stay small and don't cause any problems are left alone because like 
Maggie, I've been told that removing them can sometimes backfire. And like 
Malik's girth area, there was one on my horse's jaw that seems to have 
disappeared on its own so I'm thankful for that and would LOVE to see that 
trend continue. 


We had a vet tell us that sometimes removing the melanomas
seems to aggravate them so they appear even more.  We have
never had anything done with the melanomas that Malik has. 
He has 3 or 4 that have stayed, but a few others have
started and then disappeared.  One started in the girth area
and I thought we would HAVE to have it removed.  It
disappeared shortly after it started.  It seems to be
something that comes and/or goes with the seasons when they
shed out in the spring or grow winter coat in the fall. 
Anyone else notice that?  



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Re: [RC] Grays and that damn 'skin cancer', Maggie Mieske