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[RC] More color & markings legends - rides2far

Observations of the Emir Abd-el-Kadar:
"Colors. The most highly regaraded horse is the black with a star on his forehead and white markings on his feet.
"Next comes the blood bay with a black mane.
"Then comes the bright chestnut with a red mane.
"The horses of other colors are all placed on the same line, with the exception of the pied which the Arabs do not ant at all.
The Prophet has said: "If you wish to go to war, buy a horse with a star on his forehead and three white feet, but that the off-fore be not white."
"The horse with four evenly white feet is like a man who sways gracefully on walking, the sleeves of his mantle floating in the air."
"The Prophet has said: "If after having gathered together in one place all the horses of the Arabs, I were to make them gallop together, it would be the chestnut that would out-distance them all."
"According to these traditions, the black horse has the supremacy because of the loveliness of his form and his attributes; the chestnut for his speed.
"The Arabs have this proverb: "If you have a chestnut, use him. If you have nothing but a poor chestnut, use him anyway."
"Oh! He is blessed, the horse with a star and white socks.
"The Prophet detested a horse with four white socks."
"The horse with a white stripe that does not reach the upper lip, accompanied by a white off-fore, carries the worst of all auguries and he who sees him prays to God to spare him from the evil that he presages; he is like an hour's poison (that which carries off its victim within the hour).
The swiftest of horses is the chestnut;
The most enduring the bay;
The most spirited the black;
The most blessed is he that has a white forehead.
OK, so I look up Cre Run Farm's stallion page
At the bottom of the page is my horse's grandsire MHF Eclipse...who was a good race horse that sired lots of winners for them. Chestnut, with a star. His one son that they kept as a sire is Grand Eclipse, chestnut with a star, no socks..Genuine Monarch and Monarch AH had the star & no socks but are bay
Sam Tiki...black bay, star 3 socks but NOT the RF. (This is what the prophet said you should take to war)
So...Seven is bay, with three socks (including RF) and a blaze.... :-P

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