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Re: [RC] age for starting youngsters - Carla Richardson

I'm curious about the color legend also.  I once had a book (it got lost somewhere along the way) about Arabians; in it was a quote, a passage from the Koran (supposedly) about color in Arabian horses.  I remember that it claimed red horses were the fastest, and bays the strongest.  Something about "if you hear that a bay horse has fallen off a mountain and is alright, you can believe it is true" because the bay horse is so strong.  I remembered that passage because I had a bay horse <G>.  It also made me think about Secretariat and Man o' War, both red horses, and both fast horses.
I can't remember what it said about grays and white horses, except it seemed like the white horse was considered very special.  I'd love to hear what your book says, Angie.
Carla Richardson

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Re: [RC] age for starting youngsters, Dot Wiggins