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[RC] what to do with them? - Anita Messenger

Talking about no where to dispose of horses - 

We have a friend who is an older lady in her 60's. She owns a reg. Arab mare 
along some other horses, too. She has always taken very good care of them all. 
She lives in the city limits on a small acreage (7 acres or so). The horses are 
on about half of that. She dearly loves her animals but in recent years has 
developed some severe health issues including rheumatoid arthritis and 
fibromyalgia, and has a hard time getting around. She's in a lot of pain and on 
some serious medications and a lot of the times her mind is not real clear. Her 
husband is working three jobs partly because of needing health insurance for 
her. He's not an animal person and would prefer not to have any at all but sees 
the animals as being something that keeps his wife going outside. The mare I 
mentioned has had health issues almost since she was born. She's very well bred 
and a nice girl - but has cost a ton in vet bills. By the time she was four, 
she'd already had surgery for a
twisted intestine. She's been on daily medicine since then to keep her 
*greased* so she won't colic again. She would colic at the drop of a hat. Then 
she developed moon blindness and is pretty much blind. She's in her teens now. 
She's cost her owner a ton of money that her husband is having to pay even 
though he doesn't like the horses. The lady doesn't want to breed her and I 
agree with that. Hay costs, vet costs, etc. have skyrocketed, too. This lady 
has no where to go with this horse. She's already checked into putting her down 
- HUNDREDS of dollars to do that and she cannot be buried on the place, but has 
to be hauled off. No one wants to take her due to the high costs of keeping her 
medicated/stalled/fed. The horse rescues we used to have around these parts are 
all gone. They couldn't afford to keep the horses fed, either. The mare has 
other health issues starting to develop. She gets injuries when she's allowed 
out in the pasture with the others
(and there's no room to separate her). Keeping her stalled means cleaning it 
and the lady cannot do it with her own physical illnesses and her husband 
doesn't have the time or the want to. They are both in their 60's. 

What do you think this lady should do with this mare? Especially if her husband 
were to be laid off like a lot of people are having happen now? Would someone 
like to donate the money to have her put down and disposed of? Or to pay to 
keep her medicated and fed? Please email me privately if you'd like to do this 
for this lady. Thank you - 

Anita in Arkansas



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