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RE: [RC] Breeders VS Rescues - Rae Callaway

Interesting.  I’ve (or my mom & I) have lost 3 dogs to cancer and they were all pound pups or street rescues.  The few purebred AKC dogs we’ve had have lived very long lives.




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Subject: [RC] Breeders VS Rescues


The only AKC dog i ever bought was from a breeder.  Abbie was an Afghan Hound who died at 3 yo to cancer.  Abbie was inadvertantly bred by an AKC Golden Retreiver when she was bred as a year old.  We kept one of the litter, Tippy 2 who died at 9 yo due to cancer.  I'm not saying it was because of a line bred breed, but thru all my experiences w/ dogs i have never had a history of any cancer from my pound puppies, mutts or cross breeds.  Thats just my experience and i'll go to the pound if i ever want another dog rather than an AKC breed.  But as Frank once said about me and Jose...."we were 2 mutts". 


Some of the best of all time Endurance horses to me were  Rio and Cash and they never fit the mold of breeding or body types.  Bezatal did, but there are so many others i think the really good ones are flukes and luck and only maybe sometimes thru selective breeding, and finding the right owner to get the most out of them.  To me thats as important as breeding, resting heart rate, cannon bone or any of the other variables one thinks important. And thats not to say some lines do better than others, and one should not go to breeders, but i have seen so many good horses come from the sales lot or classifieds do good i would look at the horse and nothing more.    ts

[RC] Breeders VS Rescues, Tom Sites