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[RC] Royal Arabian Studs of Bahrain - Tom Sites

Steph, I really enjoyed your tour and description of Bahrain.  I was at first impressed by the mention of King Suleiman bin Davd who we in Christiandom, call Solomon, son of David.  We have a link that makes us cousins if not brothers and i hope the world never forgets those roots and i believe those of the Muslim faith see these links better than we of the west.  That is a shame, to me, and what keeps us apart.
I went to the Royal Arabian Studs of Bahrain's website and read it and was amazed at the importance placed on the mares, much more than the stallions.
"Many mares became famous in these battles for their fire and stamina." 
"As a matter of honor each Shaikh would give of his best and only good mares were thus exchanged."
"The different strains of Arab horses are perpetuated thru the mares, offspring always taking the dam's name regardless of the stallions strain."
It seems they really think highly of their mares.  It was odd that i at the end found the statement..."Shaikh Mohammed...left 26 sons."  It seems they think more highly of their mares than they do of their women and wives or did i miss something?  The mothers of their children were never mentioned.
It must be the culture.
tom sites