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Re: [RC] One more English Saddle Question - Elizabeth Walker

Check with Beverly Gray.  I think she could give you the best information (bgray@xxxxxxxxxxxx)

For what it's worth, at the time I demo'd a 17" Solstice, I weighed about 130lb, and I'm just 5", with short legs.  It seemed a little snug, so I went with an 18" when I demo'd the Rubicon (which I bought).  Since you ride with a seat cover, having an extra inch would probably be a good thing.  I think the Solstice seat size runs about average, but best to check with Bev.

The only thing about the Solstice - and your milage may vary - is that it seemed to put my legs too far out in front.  However, that sort of thing is very rider-dependent.  Really too bad you can't demo it.

On Nov 25, 2008, at 8:49 AM, Angie Fura wrote:

Hi everyone - I have one more question.  I currently ride in a Synergist but am thinking of switching back to an English style saddle.  I rode English before I started endurance and I would like to return to it.  I've been really, really working on equitation lately and I think going back to English will help me. 
I've found two saddles that fit my budget: an Arabian Solstice with a 19" seat and a Courbette Kurfurst with an 18" seat.  Both are used and both have gullets wide enough for my horse.  My question is about the seat size.  I ride with a sheepskin saddle cover and I have a large bum.  I'm not sure if English saddles nowadays run standard or if there is variation like you have with womens' jeans (I'm a Levi's size 10 petite, but an LL Bean size 12 go figure!).  I have noticed some variation in English saddles.  I ride in a 17" English all purpose saddle (without seat cover) when schooling.  Its a little tight, but it works.  I also rode in an Wintec Isabelle 18" without a cover and it was too small.   
Can anyone tell me if the Solstice seats run large?  Unfortunately, I can't demo it.

Angie Fura 


[RC] One more English Saddle Question, Angie Fura