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Re: [RC] AERC Voting Ballots - rides2far

> I was concerned as well when I read the post in which
> a parent had just automatically voted the junior's ballot
> without asking
>>Actually, I am a bit more concerned that juniors were getting ballots at all
Fear not all, Josie is 18 and Bonnie is 22.
I have told them about the discussion over those ballots that were laying on the kitchen table for 3 days while they spilled soup & left coke rings on them and Josie would like to make a statement:
Hey guys, this is Josie here, and I'm taking a time out from studying for a very important test to type this so, please read. :-) In case anyone was worried, I do NOT plan to press any charges against mom for filling out my ballot. In fact, we ride the same saddle, wear the same helmet, shoes, socks, and tights...so it's pretty safe to say that we would vote for the same people. In fact, mom does discuss these matters with me on training rides while I post quietly and nod in agreement. Though "discuss" implies a little feedback on my part, which there usually isn't, I haven't found any reason to speak up against her opinion yet so we pretty much agree on everything....well...regarding endurance anyway. :D 
As for Bonnie's voting process, it goes something like this:
Mom: Bonnie, do you want to vote for Bruce Weary?
Bonnie: I don't know, what does he look like?
Mom: over 6 foot tall, blonde, kind of like John Tesh used to look in the 90s when we had TV.
Bonnie: ok...
Better get back to studying.
Josie (FORMER junior..just because I'm short doesn't mean I'm still under 16. ;] )

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