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RE: [RC] American Endurance - Leonard.Liesens

Title: RE: American Endurance

Hi ridecampers,
What is wrong with the 2010 venue? Too flat? Too easy?

To answer the other post, don't think that FEI rides means "flat racing". This is definetly not true. Take Compiegne for example which is a technical course (good footing if it's not raining, but several hills along the trails on all different loops, also a central venue around the Stadium).

Don't think either that the FEI competitors are wealthy people or people willing to make quick money by selling an eventual good horse. This is onece again a way to transform the reality. Here also in Europe, the majority of people are just competing for pleasure and achievement. Bringing a horse to the CEI*** 160km is still considered here as a big achievement. Taking an example, among the 6 riders from the french team, 4 were amateurs. In the belgian team, 5 were amateurs.

So not a big deal and no difference, except maybe that we don't have your big trucks and trailers here in Europe. Only small SUV and regular 2 horses trailer. I'm joking but it's true :-)

Leonard, www.endurance-belgium.com

Actually, I think this is the core difference between the grass-roots
AERC-style endurance and the FEI-style endurance.  My own opinion is
that the flat-track style **is** the priority for the WEC type races. 
If that is wrong, someone please correct me.   (Note:  I didn't say
FEI.  I believe there are plenty of "technical" FEI rides.  I'm
talking specifically about the WEC venue(s), which I believe tend to
conform to the UAE flat-track style).

I am rather derisive about
the 2010 WEG's venue, however--having it around the Horsepark makes me
contemptuous of the decision makers--wanting spectator friendly over
world-class competition.  It is not very far to the Daniel Boone
Distance Riders' spectacular home turf, and makes me think the
endurance committee is full of either wimps or people that like the
flat-track style.  Such a waste.  It keeps me from wanting to
participate as crew or volunteer.