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[RC] Wussification of endurance - rides2far

>>>I don't care about a shower, and shavings...??? what the heck its not a horse show its a ENDUREnce ride.
Thank you! You hear that Jody? Day Dirt is a sign of "Non-wussiness!" Ya'll don't know how much grief she gives me for going from Friday morning till Sunday afternoon without a shower. OK, I don't like public showers and I don't like taking a shower in a place that's under about 80 degrees which rules out the back of most horse trailers at most rides (I'll make an exception being at the NC from Wed thru Sunday). The trick is to sit on the smokey side of the campfire and totally hickory smoke yourself.
Longstreet's Charge is ranking pretty high on this non-wussy rides scale...no showers, no running water, no stalls for sure, an away vet check, rough trails, you don't pass any signs of civilization, I don't give you a ride meal.  Boy, it just doesn't get any less wussy than that unless I add a 100. :-))
Angie McGhee

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