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[RC] new topic: psylium vs. beet pulp - Kathie Ford

Okay, just for poops and giggles how about a new thread. I don't think this one hasn't been broached in prior times...so here goes...(although I could be wrong)
Question:  Can beet pulp be effective as a preventitive against sand colic as much as psylium is said to be?
Seems logical that it could based that beet pulp is high fiber and seems to work thru the digestive track rather well.
I'm curious because my horses have not been happy campers when I've had to add it to their ration. I do give them all some beet pulp according to their individual needs.  I've had one horse x-rayed and ultrasounded and her intestinal tract was very clear despite her environment. I've always tried to be careful that way.
I  also once read an article (several years ago) that one of the better preventitives for sand colic was to feed a good grass hay as it too worked thru the digestive system quite productively too.
Hope that doesn't sound stupid.  I am not a very good articulator these days...
I thought this might make a good topic for the time being none the less.. :)
cheers everybody,

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