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[RC] new incentives etc. - Joy Mahler

Many years ago I rode 50 and 100 milers. I can't now because of Arthritis,
but I am riding some LD because I'm riding with my 10 year old
granddaughter. You do a lot of things you think you can't when a little girl
asks you to.  Anyway... the incentive issue for people to start 100's and
get credit for what they complete isn't all bad.

For instance, the ride management will get entry money for a 100 mile entry,
i.e. more money for management to put the ride on and the costs are rising
and you can't pass it all on to the long distance riders.  Also we want to
continue to have the long distances available to us, And the new riders in
the long rides give us that.

Also the team that really WANTS to do the long distances don't have to go
home and feel like they failed, just hit a bump in the road. All is not
lost, they get the mileage for the increment they finished; they won't push
the horse to get through a gate and hold to try and get to the end with an
iffy horse, they will be glad about the training done on the distance they
rode. They will not have lost money on a uncompleted distance and they will
be better prepared for the next time they try.  

Human nature makes us want to complete what we start and these people will
do better training for the next event, they will be happy to pay for the
longer distance and risk the loss of the 100 mile finish until they get it

We spend lots of time and money to do this sport, and there are some that do
it just for the miles. Some for the glory, some just to do it, but for
whatever the reason they have still ridden the miles and should get the

Who does it hurt, not the finisher that really doesn't care about anyone
else's ride generally, not the 50 mile finishers according to placing
because all the others would only get mileage. Not the management because
they have a completion award for the miles anyway for every starter. It
certainly doesn't hurt the rider that got the mileage only credit.

One great horse in a lifetime makes all the  difference..


 Sounds like a no-brainer to say NO to that rule.  If you enter a =
certain distance and don't complete that distance, you didn't complete!  =
How hard is that to figure?  The best way to go about something like =
that might be as an elevator ride.  Enter the 50 or 75, then if you're =
having a good day, elevate to the 100.  jeri

 -----Original Message-----
 From: Angie Fura <tracetribute@xxxxxxxxx>
 To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; aercmembersforum@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Sent: Mon, 6 Oct 2008 9:51 am
 Subject: [RC] New incentive to enter 100's

 At Yellow Hammer this past weekend, an annoucement was made about a =
suggestion for a new rule.    It went something like this:  if you enter =
a 100 and get pulled 50+ or 75+ miles, you would still get credit for =
the 50 or 75 miles that you did ride.  The announcer - I didn't catch =
the name - wanted us to contact our directors to voice our opinions on =

 My knee jerk reaction was no way!  Am I just resisting change?  What =
does every one else think?

 Angie Fura 


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