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RE: [RC] EPM - Rae Callaway

Hmm, they have a blood test now?  I had a horse that was suspected of having EPM.  A spinal tap was done and came back a weak positive – or inconclusive, as a weak positive means the horse has been exposed, but doesn’t necessarily have it.  In Texas, they say 80% or more of horses will test a weak positive.  The next step in testing was a full out neurological test.  This took about an hour, going over coordination, kinesetic (sp?), eyesight and balance.  Other than the fact that this horse liked to keep his front legged crossed, the vet could see nothing that pointed to EPM.  He told us to work and ride the horse over the next couple of months and look carefully for any other signs that his balance or coordination was going off and if we saw something, to bring him in and we’d repeat both tests (neurological and spinal tap).  Well, the horse showed nothing but green spookiness, which he got over and he’s now a multi hundred miler endurance horse who still likes to keep his front legs crossed after flicking a fly away.

   A couple of months after the mess with this horse, a friend’s horse stumbled in the creek and cut it’s leg.  in the course of treating the cut, this horse started wobbling – staggering sideways from the back end – as we would lead her down the barn aisle to doctor.  When turned, she would nearly fall down.  This horse was also tested for EPM and received a strong positive from both tests and was subsequently put down as it was much more further progressed and her prognosis was poor.


So, there’s my two rat experience.  I would definitely not rely on just one test to diagnose EPM.  Be thorough.  If you do get a positive, I have heard of horses being treated for this and still came back and competed, so it is very possible! J



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Okay my other family-please tell me everything you know and have learned about EPM. We are sending in an EPM blood test on my beloved horse RC

Thank you in advance

Micki Turney

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[RC] EPM, Horseraser