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Re: [RC] WNV vaccines - desertrydr1

You can say "facts are facts" but the fact is that unless they can show by scientific research (ie., the scientific method--double blind studies,  etc.) that the WNV vaccine was the cause, all you have is a bunch of anecdotal--I hesitate to even call it--evidence.  Just because two things happen in the same time period does not mean one is the cause of the other.  Remember the big foal loss problems back a few years ago in Kentucky and surrounding areas?  At first people were blaming vaccines, feeds, the weather, all sorts of stuff that happened while the mares were pregnant.  In the end, it was found that the mares were affected by eastern tent caterpillars of all things!  A LOT of theories were developed and discarded during the studies that went on about MRLS--mare reproductive loss syndrome.

Just a one-rat study, my mare had a foal in 2006.  She has been vaccinated for WNV every year since the Fort Dodge vaccine came out.  She died in the pasture in September 2007.  No apparent cause, but her right eye was out and she had a big knot on her cheek.  any number of things could have caused her death, but I had ridden her in my new Freeform saddle only two days before, so I can reasonably conclude that the Freeform caused her death by the same reckoning these people are using to "prove" that the WNV vaccine is bad for mares who are pregnant. 



Re: [RC] WNV vaccines, Carrie Kitley