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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.6200 horse weight - Chipnml

I consider my horse to be "just right" as far as his weight goes.  I can easily feel his ribs, but can't see them, his tail head is fairly prominent, I can easily feel his hip bones, but there are no hollows behind them, and they don't jut out.  Overall, he is well-muscled and looks smooth, not boney.  I would say there are hundreds of ways to get and keep your horse in good condition...they all respond differently to feeding and conditioning programs.  A horse that is too thin may not do well over the long haul (and by "long haul", that could be months or years).  I remember when I started doing this a couple decades ago it was fairly common to see very thin horses competing, but we've learned that--especially to continually do distances of 50 miles and
up--they really need more substance.

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