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[RC] Looking for hosts for a nice vet - Maryanne Gabbani

Hi all,
I have a young friend here, Karim, who graduated from Giza University in veterinary medicine a few years ago and he's been seeking knowledge unto China (a suggestion from the Prophet) ever since. He's worked here in Egypt at some of the private studs and at the Egyptian Agricultural Organisation (the government stud) while in Egypt and has also spent some time in the US working with Dr. Jack Leonard in Pennsylvania. Jack is a long time traveler to and  from Egypt (almost 30 years now) where he functions as an all-round vet for the private studs although his practice in Pennsylvania is mostly orthopedic surgery.  Karim just got himself a 5 year multiple entry visa to the US and he's trying to take the North American Board Certification exams during the next five years and become the first board certified vet in Egypt other than a couple of retirees. We've been looking at being able to send him to Canada for this (I do think of the motherland every so often) but the US visa came through first.

What we are looking for is a vet or two or three who might want to host Karim for 6 months at a time. Every 6 months he will have to come home to Egypt for a month or so to check in on his mom and friends and satisfy the bureaucracy.  He would be more than happy to work his hindquarters off in exchange for room and board and a bit of pocket money to buy a pack of cigarettes once in a while (filthy habit but he does smoke a bit..not constantly and at US prices even less). I can vouch for his honesty, his charm, his good looks and his willingness to work like a slave to care for horses. He's also good with dogs, cats, and almost any other kinds of animals including kids. If you introduce him to a nice young female vet who would like to live in the land of endless sunshine (Egypt) as well, so much the better because a bunch of us think that we need to start a proper breeding program for good vets. LOL

Karim has perfect English, lovely manners, and is someone that if my daughter were to announce that she wanted to marry him I'd be all for it. I guess that's a pretty good recommendation. He'd be delighted to move around from place to place, work endurance rides, and learn as much as possible from as many people as possible while studying for the board exams.

So if any of you have any ideas, please email either me or Karim directly.  I'm sure that there are enough vets around with a dog house or a spare horsebox where he can sleep in exchange for work and knowledge. And since I get him back at the end, I will be immensely pleased.

Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

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