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Re: [RC] Big Bear 100 - Marirose Six

Kat said:
This is what it would require to complete the course in under the time

You would have to have a fully conditioned horse that can make time
whenever the footing is suitable to do so, and this may be uphill or
downhill (there isn't ANY flat ground on the ride, but there also isn't
really anything with more than about a 3% grade), that can jog its way
through kinda rocky footing, is careful about where it puts its feet on
some very narrow sections of trail, and the horse will have to be fully
trained so that it can transition from walk to trot to walk to trot
without too much effort, since the footing/terrain where it is suitable
to do more than walk are often, but usually pretty short, and even when
they aren't short, it is a meandering trail with constant bends and or
turns.  So it requires constant attention on the part of both horse and
rider.  There are but a few places where you can put the horse on cruise
control and go along for the ride (like the five miles into and out of
camp), and those are the steepest sections of the trail.  It is NOT a
trail that is metabolicly hard on horses (you just can't get going fast
enough for that).
OK Kat,
You have set forth the challenge. This ride is quite a ways from NE Wyoming but I WILL do my best to try to make this one. The tougher the ride is, the more I want to do it. :o)
So, here's to hoping I can see your trail through my mul


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Yeeeeeee Hawwwww

[RC] Big Bear 100, k s swigart