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Re: [RC] Omeprazole - Truman Prevatt

Bruce Weary DC wrote:

This is why it is so important to proceed cautiously when campaigning for the approval of the use of certain drugs in our endurance horses, in order to let them compete when they are not really healthy enough to withstand the rigors of competition. Though more studies need to be done to study the relationship between the increased incidence of fracture and the use of PPI's, it is reasonable to at least assume that since horses are mammals, they may experience a similar disruption of their calcium absorption/bone metabolism, placing them at increased risk as well.
While we have no numbers and probably never will in endurance horses -
the basic biochemistry in manuals (of which horses and humans are
examples ) is the same. The bottom line I think is a sensible drug
policy - no therapeutic levels of drugs of any sort on the day of an
endurance ride. I don't care if it comes from a pill out of a box, a
shot or some concoction of aunt Norma Jean's - if they test and it is
therapeutic levels the rider, horse and owner are suspended from AERC
rides for one year. Again this is therapeutic levels - not the
ridiculously trace levels some think need to be enforced.

Let's keep drugs - all drugs out of the sport. However, lets not take
our eye off the ball and worry about 10 plus half lives of substances.



“The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher
esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”
Friedrich Nietzsche


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[RC] Omeprazole, Bruce Weary DC