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Re: [RC] More evacuation options-survival advice - Sisu West Ranch

While my ramblings will not help any folk or animals with the present problems, it strikes me as a good time for all of us to think about our individual situations.

1) First of all the 5P's (Proper Planning Prevents P***Poor Performance)
What disaster is likely/possible to hit your area. How much warning. Is your best option to run while there is time or stay put? If you stay put what supplies will you need? (water, medical, fuel, food etc.) If you go what is the best way to leave? How do you transport (trailer, ride, lead some) all your critters? or perhaps which ones do you leave and how? What papers and stuff do you have to take? What will you use for money during and after the disaster? Do you have a check list so you don't forget something or someone?

2) What is plan B?
The best laid plans of mice and men often do not work out. What will I do if my evacuation route is blocked? What if the truck dies? How will I move the critters and my self even if I have to even if plan A was to stay put?

A few weeks ago I ran into this article on the characteristics of people who have survived genuine disasters. It give lots of food for thought and planning:

I do feel luckey in that I can't figure a reasonable disaster that would cause me to have to run. My planning is to stay put. Plan B would be to load all the critters into the two trailers. Plan C would be to unload, pack my essential stuff onto the pack string, and move under horse power avoiding the jammed roads.

Of course the Yellowstone Chaldera may blow without warning. If it does I hope that it happens when I am asleep so I can go peaceful like.
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