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Fwd: [RC] re: joint formulas - desertrydr1

Has anyone used Adequan or Legend shots on a horse that has ringbone and arthitis up in the fetlock joint?  I have a 25+ yr old pony mule that has been on just bute and the OTC joint supplements.  She's still lame at the walk a lot of the time, and I'm seriously considering putting her down because I can't seem to get her comfy.  She's just a pasture ornament, given to me as a companion because she couldn't go out packing anymore, and she can't tolerate being alone.  I know people have had pretty good luck wiht hocks, but I don't know if the other joints get as much relief.  Since it's relatively expensive to maintain a horse on them, I'd kinda like to hear other success stories before I fork out that much money, even once.  It would buy a lot of bute, and I could buy her LOTS of OTC joint supplements for the price of one shot.  I sorta asked my vet about it, and he wanted to try her just on the bute first.  She's on pasture all summer , and doesn't get much grain (just enough to flavor the bute) so I don't worry so much about ulcers with her.  jeri


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