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Re: [RC] Foal help - heidi larson

I can't remember the exact age I weaned my colt, but it was on the early (5 
months) side and it seemed rather easy actually.  I have 3 other geldings and 
was leasing the mare, he was kind of a pesty baby and mom did get a little 
tired of him always wanting to play, however she also was not a good 
diciplinarian and so I didn't want him to learn to be too bratty, also, I 
didn't really like her and couldn't wait for her to go back to her own house.  
(My geldings started fighting over her once she came back into heat.)  I 
started at about 3 months putting the old "uncle" gelding out with mom and colt 
and when that went well, I noticed he was grazing some and eating some of her 
hay at night, I gave them both a bit of mare and foal feed w/beet pulp every 
evening and then when he was about 4 months old I split her double stall into 
two 12' x 12' stalls with colt next to mom, with a pipe run for both of them.  
At night they were separated and during the day they
got to be together, slowly stretching the separation out to encompass more 
than 12 hours at a time.  He would try to nurse through the pipe occasionally.  
Then I introduced the other old gelding and that kept baby busy being around 
the next uncle.  By the time he was about 5 months old, he was only nursing a 
couple times per day and mom was getting annoyed at him being so pesty. I seem 
to recall that the day mom left, I put all the horses in their stalls/runs with 
some feed/hay and loaded mom up while everyone was eating and drove off.  He 
never really seemed to miss her.  It was my first (and likely only) foal and 
maybe because he was the first, it seemed pretty easy and non-stressful.  Once 
we had only boys again, the herd settled down and everything has been fine.  
He's about a year and a half now and other than wishing he'd have had another 
baby to play with, he's been pretty easy.  Just gelded last month when the 
neighbors moved two mares in next
to their fence.  He was getting too mouthy anyway, but I wanted him to stay 
intact as long as possible, he's much sweeter now!

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heidi larson

--- On Wed, 8/20/08, sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxx <sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxx> 

From: sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxx <sandy.l.holder@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC] Foal help
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 2008, 8:41 PM
I haven't been on Ridecamp in quite some time (heck my
mom even thinks I'm 
'too busy' because I don't call her as much as
I used to). . . but thought 
I'd reach out for some help from the broader community.

My beautiful arabian colt is 4 months old now, has been
part our small 
herd since he was a month old and enjoying roaming our 12
hilly acres.  I 
spent 18 months finding the right stallion (exceptionally
correct to improve on the mare and live cover because she
was a 16 yo 
maiden).  I read 2 voluminous college text books and then
solicited the 
advise my friends as well as my 74 yo mentor (who's
forgotten more than 
I'll ever know).  Results are really, really nice! 
Training also is 
progressing  well in that he leads, ties, bathes and has
been trailered 
twice (and surprised me one day when he hopped in by
himself to sneak hay 
from the floor when I was messing around inside).

Next challenge is finding out when to wean - the jury is
out, as I've 
heard everything from 3 - 6 months. . . . and he's 4
months old now, and 
what to feed once he's weaned.  Where are all the
'college texts' on this 
phase (and then training), specifically for endurance
horses??!!!.  He 
currently doesn't get any grain (we did creep feed mare
& foal for awhile 
but no longer), just good oat hay in the a.m. & an
alfalfa/grass mix in 
the evening with his mom (and her milk) and the rest of the
herd (3 to 4 
geldings, one of which is a wonderful 'uncle' and a
dominate boss mare 
who's pretty protective of him) along with a cup of
beet pulp soaked once 
a day with some Platinum Performance, sized for him. 

SO, the big question now is, when to wean and what to feed
him once mommy 
is gone.  Also, any weaning tips would be great, although
I've heard 'the 
best way' is to take her to our other pasture (35
acres) with is 15 - 20 
minutes away and leave her with the other (smaller) herd
for a couple of 
months.  Oh and tips on how to care for her while her milk
is drying up 
would be nice too!!~

so, HELP!!~~

Also, because we like the cross so well, we're planning
on rebreeding our 
lovely broodmare again in the spring to the same stallion.

Please email me back (privately or not), as I would love
all the input!~

AERC#M30961 (yes, that's me riding the 17 yo & 14
yo horses!)

Sandy L Holder | Director - PricewaterhouseCoopers |
Telephone: +1 408 218 
5028 | Facsimile: +1 813 375 4286 |

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[RC] Foal help, sandy . l . holder