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[RC] FW: Horses for foster/adoption - Kitley, Carrie E Civ USAF AFSPC 30 MDSS/SGSLF

Please forward to horsey friends  . . .

(The horses that need homes are at the Lancaster Animal Control (AC) and
the Castaic Animal Control). This message was sent yesterday 8/18/08 and
was sent by the woman that took a big part in saving these horses lives.
These horses were seized from the Equus Horse Sanctuary. I am sure most
everyone read this story in the paper or saw it on the news a couple
months back. Brian is currently taking care of their feet (we are
vendors for LA county AC&C) and he says there are a lot of great
adoptable horses at both facilities. Sooooo, if anyone wants to
foster/adopt a horse call the number at the bottom of the message below.

I was called by AC today and asked if there were any of you who would be
interested in 
Fostering ( w/o pay) these horses. there are 27 left and they are
looking for homes, and 
have opened the territory to beyond LA county, and are looking for homes
even out of state.
I do want to say I have heard remarkable stories about these horses.
Many are very well 
trained and people are riding them, and one lady is going to show hers
in the fall. Another 
story said they gently saddled the horse, cautiously got on to ride, and
the horse did 
everything the rider wanted w/o a moments hesitation. The story gets
better. As they rode 
around in the big area, the other three horse followed behind doing
exactly what the lead 
horse was doing including side passing! the folks were laughing and
crying all at the same 
time. 2 more of the horses were willing to be ridden, and did get ridden
and were very 
happy, but the oldest said "Naw, I'll just follow," and refused to be
saddled by shaking the 
saddle off. No harm or meanness to anyone. The youngest Arab is 12 years
old - still a lot 
of life to have fun in.
Due to the fact that they are still evidence, they are only available
for foster. 

Pure conjecture: At the next trial ( I don't know the date) there is a
good chance the judge 
will say, "ok- adopt them out," and the folks who are fostering can keep
them or will be 
given fist dibs on keeping them. Once he does give the adoption release,
then the clock 
starts ticking. this would be an unfortunate end. 
I do believe the Equus people would have to pay the county back the full
amount for all 
the work that was done ( food, medical and farrier) before they could
get them 
.....please , share this e-mail with your horsie friends far and wide,
and lets help place the 
last 27 horses. I asked and they said there were still some that can be
ridden and are ready 
to go.
Please contact Ana @ 562-658 2000. She (or anyone at that number) can
help you. 
There are two bays at the Lancaster shelter also. They are very nice
looking horses.
Thanks for your help


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