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RE: [RC] Barefoot AND Shod (was: Barefoot Trim) - Ginger Bill

Shoot, most everyone has their own way of going. I have three good sized arabs and I tell my shoer,"2's on the front and 1's on the back." Now that I have my ferrier trained as to what I want on those horses, I picked up a smaller arab and I think he'll be 1's on the front and 0's on the back. I have always liked a size larger on the front feet because it allows the horse to travel more freely. Most everyone will gasp, but it works real well for my horses and what works for them makes me very happy. Ginger

Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 12:03:30 -0700
From: cest.mon.virage@xxxxxxxxx
To: katswig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC] Barefoot AND Shod (was: Barefoot Trim)
CC: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am sure your message was well intended.  However, Kat is correct.  You absolutely HAVE to manage each and every horses individual hoof care needs!!!!  I am down from 25 horses to 13 and I can tell you that every horse was and is assessed on it's need basis not as a cookie cutter method of farrier care.  I have to tell you my farrier would read the riot act to anyone that thought that was the way to handle hoof care.  So, please, always check with a number of authorities prior to making blanket statements - especially on this forum!  Is your opinion valued and as important any one else yes - absolutely!  However, make sure it is an opinion that has been steeped well in knowledge, experience, and proven statistics. 
You might want to go back through  the archives on any given subject and see what the responses are.  Not only by experienced forum members.  A lot of the professional advice in the archives is from well noted authorities on the subject contact.

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[RC] Barefoot AND Shod (was: Barefoot Trim), k s swigart
Re: [RC] Barefoot AND Shod (was: Barefoot Trim), D'Arcy Demianoff-Thompson