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Re: [RC] roach the mane!-horrified - Tx Trigger

While one may be "horrified" that anyone would roach a horses mane, some are done so because it is better for that particular horse. The horse does NOT care if they have a pretty flowing mane. We humans may think it is lovely to look at, but I know my horse does not realize if his hair doo makes him "pretty" or not.  But they do care if they are cooler when worked, and if their mane may get tangled in equipment such as those polo ponies, draft horses worked in harness, or if the horses are housed in pastures where they can get into the woods etc. and get their mane caught in limbs etc. (mine have come in with chunks missing a time or two!)  Also, many riders would rather spend more time riding, and less time "grooming" (GASP!) . While I guess a long mane may help in keeping flys off a neck, it really only protects one side, and there is still a huge area of the horse that is not "protected" from flys by a mane or tail, such as their chest, down the middle of their back, and part of their sides depending on tail length.  Oh, and not everyone rides a "drinker of the wind" at rides. Some even ride Fjords, known for their roached mane!  ;-)
A horses appeal to me is not dependant of his mane style, head shape, color, or size. They are ALL beautiful, be it a draft horse pulling a plow in a field, or a Quarter Horse following a herd of cattle. Long or short manes, does not make a difference.
I remember as a kid we always kept the manes roached. sure was easier!  Sorry some horses are not pretty to some people unless they have a long mane. ;-)