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Re: [RC] roach the mane!-horrified - Lynne Glazer

Ya know, I took the mane down to zero on my Remington Steele son last year.  He loved it!  And I liked the way he looked, absolutely elegant, but he has a long, well muscled neck.  I left a too-small handle which wasn't enough when those moments came to "grab mane", once it had grown out to a couple of inches that was plenty though.

Started letting it grow back last December when he was initially offered for sale, since most people want an Arab with the traditional look.  It's grown out about 8 inches now.  One of the photos in his classified listings is from last summer with no mane, as are some of his shots here: 
You can see Kat's stallion's long mane here:


On Aug 1, 2008, at 12:52 PM, Rugbytimber@xxxxxxx wrote:

just on a personal note- im horrified that anyone would purposely roach a mane.
I have manes down to the shoulders and tails dragging on the ground. I think its part of the horses appeal, and part of the fly repellant system.
I don't have tangle problems because I brush them out  JUST once a week, not much more, with lots of vetrolin detangler gel ( in the squeeze bottle) or cowboy magic in the tube.
a brushed out conditioned tail don't pick up sticks and branches.
I no longer buy show sheen or any other sprays after using the concentrated stuff.
I only braid for endurance, or when I know I will be dumping lots of water on the horse's neck.
if you can find some little barn brat who can french braid the whole mane, that works great too.
we did the "lattice" weave on a white horse I used to have. I refused to pull the mane  out for a show.
everyone loved it.
my forelocks don't seem to want to grow much longer  than mid eye-ball.
the "drinkers of the wind" should not look like polo ponies with brush bottle tails.
no need to respond- just my opinion!

[RC] roach the mane!-horrified, Rugbytimber