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[RC] Borium/tire pressure - rnbianchi

We used to fox hunt years ago and our horses were always shod with Borium on the shoe itself.  Perhaps they didn't have Borium tipped nails back then, but we never worried about slipping or lameness.  Because we were a "drag pack" our hunts were very fast and many times we galloped down asphalt roads trying to stay up with the hounds.  Granted, we weren't doing endurance mileage, but we would often hunt 4,5,6 hours at a time - most of which was at the gallop.  Never had a horse come up lame, never had to poultice or wrap legs, never worried about saddle fit or tying up.  Horses seemed to love it - never had to chase them around the pasture to catch them, they'd drag us to the trailer to get in (fully tacked and ready to go).  Ah, it was bliss to have been so ignorant.
My understanding of trailer tires is that too low a pressure can cause heat build up/blow outs.  Definitely something I'd like to avoid. Oh, and if you are a member of Costco, they will fill your horse trailer tires with Nitrogen (also on our truck) which is supposed to keep them cooler at high temperatures.  My local Costco didn't even charge me!!