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Re: [RC] trailer tire pressure - Truman Prevatt

Horse trailer companies used to have the trend to cut cost on tires. They would put on tires whose load capacity was too small for the weight carried. Bottom line a 3 horse LQ trailer should have load rate G tires. Anything lighter will come apart from heat after 10 hours on the road - even brand new. With tires its better to be safe than sorry.


oddfarm wrote:
That is very interesting. Another thing that causes blowouts is the wrong tire size. I learned after 5 blowouts that my tires were not the right size for the trailer. A very expensive lesson, but one I will NOT forget.
I may be slow, but I am NOT rich. I figured it out. :)
Lisa Salas, teh Odd fArm

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    the tire pressures on the tires themselves are for the safest
    ride. i am a mechanic going on almost 30 years in the biz. NEVER
    overinflate your tires! you are begging for flats! the max rating
    is for max weight. almost as bad as overinflating is under
    inflating. 10 to 20% under the max is acceptable. an underinflated
    tire will rapidly overheat and will cause a blow-out... much more
    dangerous than a slow leak. the whole firestone recall a few years
    back primarily on fords was NOT a defect with the tires! the fords
    and other vehicles were having trouble passing the roll-over
    standards( too top heavy). so in order to pass the safety testing
    they lowered the recommended tire pressure to 22psi. this caused
    extreme overheating of the tires. many blow-outs, crashes,
    injuries, deaths, and lawsuits later. ford and firestone pulled
    the tires, replaced them with other brands and raised tire
    pressures. firestone went out of business over that and their
    infamous 721 radials which would come apart at 70mph.
    As for me and my horse, we shall serve the Lord. Gallopin' 2:4


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[RC] trailer tire pressure, Rick Jackson
Re: [RC] trailer tire pressure, oddfarm