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Re: [RC] riding on slick rock - Elizabeth Walker

I'll be interested to hear the responses, too.  

I have heard of using borium on pavement, etc., but that was putting a small deposit of borium on the shoe.  "Borium Nails"  sounds like there would be a small amount of borium on the nail head -- kind of the same thing, but easier to apply.

As for too much grip - I have heard that about using studs, but not borium.  I'm totally guessing here, but I would expect it to provide a slightly raised surface on those nails, giving some extra grip.  However, since the borium is more of a round, slightly raised surface rather than a stud, I don't think it would cause too much torque.   I would think that it would do pretty well, and wouldn't interfere with normal trail riding.

On Jul 31, 2008, at 3:24 PM, Ann Blankenship wrote:

Another thing……
We’re headed to Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite high country) in a few weeks ((I know… lucky us, huh?) and I know there’s a lot of cap rock (slick granite) up there.  I’m trying to decide whether to go barefoot or shoe.  There is a good amount of ‘normal’ rock too so I’m leaning toward shoes.  My shoer suggested borium (??) nails.  She said she’d only put in 4/foot and that would stop slipping.  I’m not familiar with these nails but have heard they’re not recommended for endurance because they’re too ‘grippy’.  So what about using them for trail riding.  I don’t anticipate moving very fast up there with the rock and my horses being all chubby and out of shape.  Comments?  Ideas?  Experiences?
Thanks for input.
(not wanting to invest in boots for 2 horses just for this trip)

[RC] riding on slick rock, Ann Blankenship