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Re: [RC] trailer tire pressure - Elizabeth Walker

I've always run about 10# less than the max tire pressure stated.  

As a point of comparison, when I went to have the pressure checked on my truck (it is a dually, and before I got tube extenders, they had to take off the tires to check the pressure of the inside tires), the guy recommended max pressure for the rear tires, because I have a fairly heavy camper shell on the truck, but said that running less pressure (about 10 - 20#) in front was fine.

So -- I think it would depend on how big a load you are hauling.  If you are maxed out, then I would probably think max tire pressure would be the way to go.  If, like me, you usually haul one small Arab, I would think dropping the pressure 10# would be OK.  

Now -- let's hear from the mechanics on the list (of which I am not one...)

On Jul 31, 2008, at 3:17 PM, Ann Blankenship wrote:

I took my trailer over today to have a new tire put on (eeek, don’t even ask $$$) and the guy checked the pressure in my other tires.  He said there was supposed to be 65# in my tires but there was 55# in all of them.   It made me wonder if a little less air in the tires would give the ponies a better ride.  Do you all ‘air up’ your tires to the requirement or do you soften them for an easier ride?  I want my tires to last a long time but still….  those ponies.

[RC] trailer tire pressure, Ann Blankenship