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RE: [RC] Fw: Horse Slaughter Bill HR 6598 - RHONDA LEVINSON

Yes, it is very sad when people act irresponsibly.  Still does not make it okay to allow the animals to be slaughtered.  It only emphasizes the need to enforce the animal neglect/cruelty laws that we have. 



Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 12:45:31 -0700
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Subject: Re: [RC] Fw: Horse Slaughter Bill HR 6598
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Thank you. Humane Harvesting in every state, or at least Region is only fair to these marvelous animals that we have been blessed with. Here, out West, horses are being released in the desert to fend for themselves, which they can't do. I have a friend who's nephew in law has a ranch in Nevada. If you shake a can of grain, twenty or more horses come that are not theirs. So very sad. Beccy

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From: Dorothy Miller <dmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 11:38:28 AM
Subject: [RC] Fw: Horse Slaughter Bill HR 6598

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Subject: Horse Slaughter Bill HR 6598

I received this today from Jim Steers; some of you may know him as having been around vetting rides forever.  He mostly does Ride & Tie now, but I believe he's done endurance as well.
My current job includes investigating complaints of large animal abuse.  Many of these complaints regard starving horses and I expect it to be worse this year.  Please do your part to protect our equine friends and contact your reps to vote NO on this bill.  Slaughter is a horrible thing to consider, but its a better way to die than the slow agony of being starved.
Dorothy Miller
Quincy, CA
If the attachment doesn't come through, it is a letter from the American Association of Equine Practitioners urging a "NO" vote on this bill.  You can call the Capitol Hill operator at 202 224-3121 to connect you to your representative's office to urge him/her to vote NO.  The vote is today...please call.

Dear Everyone,
As most of you know I have devoted my professional life to the
welfare of the horse—as a horse owner, advocate, and equine
veterinarian.  As such, you might think I would urge you to contact
your representative and senators to pass this bill. Not so. This bill
has unexpected consequences that will lead to the worse kind of cruelty
—namely, horses will be turned out to starve. This has been a common
practice for many years but on the very small scale; pets of all
species are turned loose when people move, run out of money, or just
don't want the keep the animal for what ever reason. But now, with the
energy crisis, foreclosures on "Horse  Ranchettes",  and the high cost
of horse feed, we are in a "HORSE CARE CRISIS":
Horses are being turned out  by their owners on the "range"  because
they can't  afford to feed them; nobody else wants them;  the
slaughter houses are closed down and, if this bill  passes, it will be
a criminal act to transport horses to Canada or Mexico where they can
be slaughtered.
The BLM has so many surplus horses and burros  for which they lack
range and do not have funds to  buy feed,  that they are contemplating
euthanizing the surplus animals. How will they dispose of these
carcasses?  Cremation?  Burial? Feed the poor?
The most humane and economic solution to this  horse care crisis is
to reopen the equine slaughter houses, allow horses to be sold at
auction yards and transported to these slaughter houses,  and
humanely  killed for  animal  and human consumption.
Yes, I know that most of you can't  imagine eating horse meat, nor am
I advocating you do so. But I do want you to be aware that, if you are
not a vegetarian, that the species of animal you eat is  a cultural
thing. Our 4-H  kids raise all kinds of animals from rabbits to lambs
and calves, knowing these "pets" will be eaten after they are
auctioned off at the fairs. In much of Asia dog meat is a delicacy
and, even in Hawaii, our fellow Americans use dogs at luaus when pork
is not readily available—I have to admit  canine meat was rather
tasty.  During   WWII, horse meat was not rationed and many  Americans
ate i When I was home on leave,  my sister in law had "steak" in my
honor. It  was delicious and  very tender, and when I commended her
on  this, Margaret      said, "Jim, you just had your first taste of
horse meat".
The best report I have seen on this subject is "The Alberta Horse
Welfare Report:  A report on horses as food producing animals aimed at
addressing horse welfare and improving communication with the
livestock industry and the public."  [February 2008. www. afac.ab.ca].
Please act now: Every law maker in Washington has their own Web Site:
ie, <Boxer.senate.gov> <  Feinstein.senate.gov> <woolsey.house.gov>

Re: [RC] Fw: Horse Slaughter Bill HR 6598, Rebecca Fabiszak