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Re: [RC] [RC-Digest] Vol: 03.6117 - Melinda Faubel

At the Mount diablo ride this year, the camp was right next to a stable.  For the 2 days I was there the same dressage rider would go on a trail ride past my camp.  She held her horse into "frame" the entire time, sat the trot etc.  I remember thinking that we must look as strange to her as she did to me.  On the second day she stopped and asked me about the braids.  Apparently a friend and her were arguing whether the braids were for cooling down the horse or for the riders to hang on to...... :) It was an interesting exchange because only a few sentences were exchanged, but a whole lot more was "unsaid".  LOL.  There was definately an implied low opionion of endurance riding skill, but I honestly think she was curious, not mean spirited.  Kind of like endurance riders talk about "DQs" in very broad terms, the dressage people probably talk about "endurance" in the same broad sense.  LOL.  I found it funny at the time, but on the other hand I was heat exhausted so who knows how funny it really was. 
From: "Barbara McCrary" <bigcreekranch@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RC]   braids

Roaching the mane would certainly eliminate the rein-tangling problem, =
but without a thick mane, what would a rider hang onto in a panic =
situation?  :-))  I've been saved a few times by grabbing a mane.