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RE: [RC] [RC] CRI's - heidi

As a ride vet scoring BC, I would rate the 2nd and third horses the same, and would rate them higher than the first horse, given that this was done right at 10 minutes post finish, because both of them had already recovered to a normal resting heart rate for an unstressed horse prior to the CRI being done, and both were able to maintain that same heart rate in the CRI.  There is nowhere in those numbers to "recover to" so to speak--and they returned right back to that normal following their trot-outs.  If I were scoring a BC sheet, both of these horses would have had a full 10 points for recovery, provided their pulses did not rise back up over 48 at the hour check.
The first horse would have gotten an 8 out of 10 on my scoring system (provided it pulsed at 48 or lower at the hour check), not for the CRI (which is excellent) but for the failure to recover to 48 or lower in that first 10 minutes.  Because the horse was continuing in its recovery curve during the CRI, I would not take off any more points for the CRI.  Had the pulse rate gone up in the CRI, I would have taken off additional points.
I'd be quite happy as a rider with any of those CRIs at 10 minutes.

She then asked how to rate the following CRI's (all CRI's were done at exactly the 10 min "called for pulse" time)
This brought the discussion around to which one was the best....  The 58/52 shows the best cardiac recovery, while the 44/44 maintained, however the third horse at having an initial HR of 38 showed better pulse down rates.  So, she was confused as to how to rate the values for High Vet (yes, we offer High Vet at our small rides in our neck of the woods). 
Given that all other parameters were equal, and based on your experience:
1) How would you rate the three?
2) What would have been the best way to explain this to her (and yes I know, she should have know the vet manual front and back).
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